The Sorcerer


This book is an all inclusive tour of the wonderful world of personal computing, with your very own Sorcerer as a tour guide. Here's a quick idea of where we are going, how we plan to get there, and some of the more interesting sights along the way.

PACKING AND TRAVEL AIDS start you out on the right foot as a first time traveler. You will discover how to handle your Sorcerer and should problems occur, what to do about them. We will explore the concept of a computer system and what is involved in putting one together. Finally you will want to talk to your Sorcerer, so we will explain how that is done.

BON VOYAGE AND INDIVIDUAL TOURING are for everyone. You will discover that your conversation with Sorcerer will be conducted by typing and reading messages displayed on a television-like screen. A detailed trip through the keybord will make you aware of the power and flexibility of your Sorcerer. Individual tour packages are introduced as useful extensions of your Sorcerer's capability.

THE EXPERIENCED TRAVELER will not want to miss Scheduled Program, Special Offering and Further Information. We will explain the language of Sorcerer's Power-On Monitor, and teach you how to create your very own symbols or character set to be displayed on the screen. You will find the hidden capability of a communications interface and printer connection for that information you need written down. A detailed description of the essential add-on components (video monitor and cassette tape drive) gives you a complete understanding of their capability and use.

THE APPENDIX has a wealth of information for those who like detail. A memory map of program locations shows which memory spaces are available for your use, and which ones the Sorcerer has reserved for itself. The Z80 microprocessor instructions are listed by both mnemonic and op-code. For those who want to explore far away places a list of hardware options if provided, and there is a glossary of buzz words.

As you read this manual you will discover that learning can be fun. The Sorcerer will introduce you to general purpose digital computing and provide an instant response as you experiment with its operation and programming. There's no waiting and wondering if you performed an operation correctly, Sorcerer will let you know who's in command. Let's get started!

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The Trailing Edge