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HP 2000ASR-33APF Imagination MachineHeathkit H11Enterprise 64

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18 systems and growing.

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APF Imagination Machine
Apple Lisa
ASR 33 Teletype
Atari Mega ST
Heathkit H-11
HP 2100A/2114/2115/2116 - HP 2000
Intellivison Computer
Next Cube
S-100 Bus Systems
TRS-80 Model 2
TRS-80 Model 6000

These systems have been accused of causing bits of nostalgia, executing old software and, in many cases, gathering dust. If you discover you have one of these delinquent systems, don't attempt to handle it alone. Instead, email the appropriate authorities for assistance in removing the system. Even if you don't have one of these around, if you have documentation, books, catalogs or other related items or even just an interesting story about one, drop us a line. We work hard to maintain these alerts, but as the problem of obsolescence among older computer systems reaches epidemic proportions, we need your help. If you have updated information about any of these systems or know of systems not on this list which should be, please contact us. You're assistance is appreciated.

Gangs of obsolete computer systems are rapidly becoming a major problem and a danger to your health and well-being. Don't try to deal with them by yourself, leave them to professionals.

Obsolete computer gang

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