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News Archive

2024-05-12More additions
Added a Macintosh section to the Apple area of the Library as well as DEC and Honeywell areas.

2024-05-11Library Updates
Added documents to the Apple II, Apple III, Atari and Exidy libraries. Added libraries for the AT&T, Commodore, Fortune and Mindset systems as well.

2024-04-11Minor Updates
Just doing some minor updates on the site in preparation of future enhancements. Also added a few pictures for systems that were missing them.

2022-09-28MTU-130 and MAME
Happy to announce that MAME now has a working MTU-130 emulation! Been working towards this day for some time and it is finally here. You can now start to explore some of the features of this interesting and rare 6502 based system now as well as the 68000 addon card. Working on additional hardware to be emulated as well as recovering more documentation and software so should have more updates soon.

2022-09-09MTU-130 Updates
Added some more documentation to the MTU-130 resource section. Also have some hopefully big news related to the MTU-130 coming around the end of the month so check back then.

2022-03-03More resources
Added more PDFs to the Apple 2 and the MTU-130 resource section.

2021-11-24MTU-130 Updates
I've been able to gather all my MTU-130 hardware, software and documentation together again in one place. I've begun to catalog all of it in preparation to scan/image/document everything. You can see the current catalog of documentation and software here.

2021-07-07Coleco Adam Doc
Added a Coleco Adam section to the library where I'll be placing various documentation for the system.

2021-04-29OSI Newsletters
Cataloged a bunch of Ohio Scientific (OSI) newsletters. Volumes 1.1-2.2 (Jul 77-Mar/Apr 78) of Ohio Scientific's Small Systems Journal and volumes 1.3-7.3 (Mar 80-Mar 86) of Peek (65)-The Unofficial OSI Users Journal. I'll stick any that aren't available online otherwise into my to-scan pile.

2021-03-07Doc Updates
Catching up on some backlog items. Added several new docs to the Apple II library as well as some new donated docs to the MTU-130 resources. Working on moving to a new server and hopefully site updates in the very new future.

2020-07-26New Docs
Added the MTU-130 Double Density Disk Controller Manual to the MTU-130 section of the resources center and the Apple III Owner's Guide and Apple III Profile Owner's Manual to the Apple III section of the Apple library.

2020-07-19Various updates
Been a while but I'm in the process of re-writing a bunch of the site code and moving the collection. For now I've recently added some new docs to the Apple //, Atari 8-Bit and TI-99/4A library section. Also added an "Old Friends" section for systems that are no longer a part of the collection.

2018-10-15Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dies
We've lost another one, Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft has passed away today of cancer at the age of 65.

2014-10-05MTU-130 Scans
Added a scan of the MTU-130 Hardware Manual in a new MTU-130 section of the Resource section of the site.

2014-06-01General News and Updates
Acquired a few new systems but as the server was moving physical locations and was down for a while, they haven't been added in yet. Should be able to update things more often as it is in a better location for me to work with now. Been far to long.

2013-09-13Wayne Green (1922-2013)
Learned Wayne Green passed away. He published lots of tech books and magazines in the early days of microcomputers. Notably BYTE, 73, Kilobaud, 80 Microcomputing and inCider. I enjoyed and learned a lot from many of his publications and he is missed. Thanks for all of it.

2012-08-22Triplets delivered
Received a new bundle of joy today, a Compucolor II, Osborne 1 and a Sharp PC-4501 plus books, docs, software and magazines. Will need some time to catalog and document everything and get them on the site but look for more coming soon.

2011-11-15Happy 40th
Today the first commercial microprocessor, the Intel 4004, turned 40 years old.

2011-10-12RIP Dennis Ritchie
The man who helped bring us the C programming language and UNIX has passed away at the age of 70. He not only helped to make it possible for me to feed my family as a programmer, but to have fun doing it as well. He will be greatly missed.

2011-10-05Steve Jobs 1955-2011
Rest in peace Steve, and thank you for your part in bringing me my Apple ][+ and my iPad.

2011-09-07Mindset PC Doc
Added the Mindset Operations Guide to the Resource section.

2011-08-12IBM PC turns 30
The IBM PC turns 30 today. How far systems have come since that day.

2011-08-11Happy Birthday Woz!
A big happy birthday to Steve Wozniak who is 61 today. Thank you for many years learning and playing with the Apple II.

2009-10-19The scanning will continue
Added more documents today. Atari 1050 Owner's Guide, Atari Trak-Ball Controller Owner's Manual and the Tandy Color Computer Multi-Pak Interface Owner's Manual were added to the Resources sections for those systems.

2009-10-18Sharing Time
Posted a copy of my old Honeywell GCOS Time-Sharing System Pocket Guide, my Honeywell FORTRAN Pocket Guide and my GMAP Pocket Guide in the Miscellaneous section of the site. From my fun days with the Honeywell mainframe in college.

2009-10-17New PDFs
Added a new PDF to the Miscellaneous Resource Center. This is the Aquarius Software Catalog from 1982. More to come as I get this pile of stuff scanned.

2008-10-19Back online
Between moving followed by a little thing like hurricane Ike, the site has been down for a LONG time but is finally back up. We have a lot of work to do to update everything and a lot to catch up on, email, info, etc. It's good to be back at last though.

2007-06-23More Exidy
Added the May 1980 Exidy Catalog and Price List to the Exidy Resorces section of the site. Received a Exidy Sorcerer in original box, tv and box of doc and software recently so expect more updates as I can get to them.

One of the items in the box of Exidy stuff was an unopened package of 4116 16K dynamic rams from Radio Shack. Price on them is $7.95 which is a lot less than I paid for my first set of eight 4116s. I have to admit, finding this gave me a bit of a thrill.

2006-11-05New SuperPET doc
Added a copy of the SuperPET Waterloo microAPL manual in our Commodore section.

2006-11-04New Exidy Doc
Added the Exidy S-100 Expansion Unit Technical Manual and Software Internals Manual to the Exidy resource section.

2006-10-10New system
Added a Laser 128 (Apple IIc clone) and manual.

Update: Added gallery images for the Laser 128.

2006-10-09New feature - image gallery
Something I've always wanted to add to the site was a collection of photos under each system's entry so I had more than just the one image I have on many of the system pages. Finally got around to adding it, though only one system uses it at the moment, need to take more pics now that I have the code in place to support the images. You can see it currently on the entry for my PDP-11/34. I'll tweek it some as I go along but for now it lets me get more photos up.

Update: Added a couple of others now, my Z-110 and XOR S-100.

2006-08-12PC turns 25
Happy 25th Birthday to the IBM PC. How different things are today from back then.

2006-07-25New life in the Apple II
I received two IDE/CompactFlash interface cards for the Apple II today. I'd order them from and I've put one in an Apple IIgs. Discoved my original IIgs won't power up (haven't used it in some time) but I have spares. So far it's working really nicely. I've transfered some Apple images from my PC using a CF reader and booted the IIgs from a 32 meg CF card. May use the IDE part one day but for now, I'll pick up a bigger CF card for it and just use it. It has brought new interest in the Apple II around here.

2006-07-24Book catalog
Started to sort and catalog our book collection so added a new section to our Library area listing the books in our collection. Only one shelf from one bookcase done so far so there are a lot more to come.

2006-06-11Site updates
Added flyers for Sperry 5000/50 and 5000/90 systems to the Misc Resource section and ads for Commodore Vic 20, the LNW80 Model 2, the MTU-130, OSI, Pied Piper and Sharp PC-1500 to the Related section. Also issue 1 of the TI99/4A newsletter, Home Computer Compendium, in the TI99 Resource section.

2006-06-10New OSI Scans
Added a couple of OSI catalogs to the OSI resource area.

2006-06-09Anyone with blank MO media? New PowerMacs.
I was just given a Panasonic LF-3000 Magneto Optical scsi drive. Now I just need some blank media for it. :)

Just received a Mac 9600/300 and two G3s. Not sure yet exactly what model the G3s are or what the configuration is on any of these three systems. Have to check them out this weekend.

2006-06-07Exidy additions
Received another Exidy Sorcerer, this time with S-100 expansion with disk controller, memory and i/o cards. Also a monitor, 2 8" floppy drives, lots of doc and software and other stuff. I'll be adding scans of the doc and stuff soon. In the middle of work travel season so it has to wait until that's over.

2006-04-25OSI Addition
Received an OSI Challenger 2P with a monitor and lots of software. Also came with what is almost a ton of documentation, newsletters and books. Ok, that box doesn't really weigh a ton but it sure felt like it. Going to take me a while to sort through all the doc and stuff.

2006-04-24New Magazines
Today I received a box of issues of Softside, the TRS-80 Microcomputer News and an issue of onComputing. Really wonderful stuff. I'll update the magazine listing shortly.

2006-02-23New sell/trade section
Added a new section for items I have in the collection that I want to either sell or trade. Check them out and if you see something you are interested in drop me a line. All offers will be considered, even offers of "I'll come by and just take it off your hands" in some cases. I'll be adding items as I sort through the collection.

2006-02-06NeXTstation TurboColor
Received a donation of a NeXTstation TurboColor from Dale in Canada. Complete system plus lots of doc, magazines, books and software. Cataloging and setting up now.

2006-01-14Extra Systems
Went to visit a friend in another city and as we we heading out from the hotel one day I discovered a new Goodwill Computer Center I hadn't known about before. Turned out to be a new store. Added an Atari 800xl, Commodore C128, TI-99/4A all in original packaging. Also added a spare Sega Dreamcast and Aquarius Data Recorder.

2005-11-09New Look and New Adam
We have a new look to the site. Have to look for broken links and any things that went missing in the change and still have lots to do but it's a start in the first overhaul of the site in years.

Picked up a third Coleco Adam system. This one came with original doc, 57 data packs of software, external non-printer power supply and best of all, a 256K ram card and an IDE interface. Looking forward to exploring those options.

2005-11-06New ads
A Commodore C64, DEC Rainbow and Osborne 1 ads added to the Classic Computer Ad section.

2005-11-05Atari Docs
Added Atari 400, 800 and 1200XL owner's guides.

2005-11-04Apple & TRS-80 PDFs
Added manuals for the OSS CP/A OS, Editor Assembler and BASIC systems for the Apple II. Also added some TRS-80 newsletters from 1979.

2005-11-01More PDFs
Continuing to add PDF documents to the site. I've added several old sales flyers and such.

PET flyer in the CBM8 section, Electric Pencil, Sol Extended BASIC, Sol Helios, Vector MZ, Vector MZ Word Processor and Whatsit Database flyers in the CPM section, Interact and Odyssey 2 flyers in the Miscellanous section, OSI Challenger Line and OSI C2-8P flyers in the new OSI section, and Tandy 10, TRS-80 Model 2 and TRS-80 Computer Catalog RSC2 in the TRS80 section.

2005-10-26More docs
Added the remaining Apex docs I had to the Apple 2 resource center. Also added a new Heathkit resource center with some sales docs there for now.

2005-10-25Apple II Apex OS Manual
Posted a PDF of the manual for the Apex OS for Apple II systems. You can find it in the Apple 2 resources section.

2005-10-23Resource Center Cleanup
Went through and cleaned up the Resource Center. Added links, removed some dead ones and other basic clean up. One thing I noticed is how many archives have disappeared. Since I have a lot more space on the server now I'm considering creating mirrors of some archives.

2005-10-22Apple II updates
I've been updating links and such in the Apple II section of the Resource Center. Added a few new links and updated a few that had changed. More updates to follow.

2005-10-21Some updates
I've upgrade the server here making a big jump in power and storage space so I've been tweaking and updating stuff. Added the new server into the list and restored my NeXTstation system to the list as well. Picked it up last year but lost its entry after an HDD crash before the next backup. Otherwise just a few minor tweaks to the site. More stuff to come as I have some more things scanned, just need to clean them up first.

2005-03-24Old Apple Gift Catalog
I've scanned an old Apple Gift Catalog and put it up as a pdf. This catalog showed several items that Apple use to sell with their logo displayed. It was fun looking back over it as I counted how many of these items I have myself. You can see it in my Apple 2 area in the "History" section.

2004-05-05New workhorse
Added my new workhorse system, a dual athlon 2400+ mp based system.

2003-11-27Changes and additions
I've almost completed the site's new look. Only a little left to convert. Once it's all in a consistant format, then I can decide what to do with it next.

Added one piece of new hardware today, a Data General THiiN Line Site Stak 500. Actually had this for a while but didn't really have a chance to find out anything about it until now. Plan to load linux on it and use it as a server around the home network.

2003-11-23A new look
Changing the layout of the site some as I add some new stuff to it. This is the first major change in over 5 years. About time I got things going here again.

2003-09-03Cleaning up some
Cleaning up so old links, removing bad ones and updating others to newer URLs. Updated links in general resources for 6502, Apple II, Atari, Commodore, CP/M, PDP-8, PDP-11 and Exidy Sorcerer pages. More to come.

2003-08-27Back again
Ok, been busy with life for a while. But I'm back and working on the collection again. Picked up another Aquarius in the original box with manual and a cassette of games. Mainly wanted the box and software. Also picked up an OSI manual, TRS-80 manual and a few other items. Spending time now reorganizing the collection and bringing the site up to date. More soon.

2002-08-24More magic
Been a while since I had a chance to update news here. A lot has happened. Of real note is the recent acquisition of another Exidy Sorcerer. Came with a Video 100 monitor and the DevPak cart and an S-100 card cage with an unknown card (Sorcerer interface?) and a memory card. Of lesser interest are some Pentium and Pentium 2 machines I've received along with some large monitors. These go on my network to use for surfing and games. That's about all for now. More as I get back into things again.

2001-12-01Departures & arrivals
Well I let go of all my PDP-8 hardward. Figured I'd never have the chance to actually work on it and I have the DecMates now anyway. I also let go of the Sun 3/50 hardware. But I have picked up one new system, a dual cpu BeBox. Another hardware line cast adrift. A shame as it looks like a fun little box. Now to see what it can do.

2001-10-29A collector's nightmare
Just suffered through a computer collector's nightmare, moving. I moved my entire collection to a new location over the past few weeks. I'm taking the time to do a new inventory and plan to trade off several of the systems. Of course I can't stop getting new additions and during the move I picked up a large part of a friends collection. Most notable are the Kaypro 4, Commodore SX-64, 52 meg SupraDrive for an ST, Commodore 8250 & 4040 drives along with many other items too numerious to list. You can check the updates on the collection page. More to come along with some stuff being offered up for trade/sale/free.

2001-08-05A few new items
Picked up several new items today, 3 more RCA VIPs, some Atari 800 carts, some cards for the TI-99/4A expansion box, an Atari 600xl, and Atari 800xl, an Atari 1030 modem and 410 tape drive and 2 Atari 400s along with a VT 220 terminal. Also picked up the books, The Amstrad Companion and Practical Logo on the Amstrad. And while on a trip recently I found 2 copies of Osborne/McGraw-Hill's PET/CBM Personal Computer Guide and a copy of Hands-On BASIC with a PET.

2001-07-29More DEC stuff
Picked up two microVAX IIs today along with a PDP-11/60. There was an RK05J drive and a 9-track tape drive along with all that. Received some PDP-11/60 doc and print sets too. In addition I picked up a copy of "The Official Book for the Commodore 128 Personal Computer", "Commodore 128 System Guide", "Atari 130XE Owner's Manual" and a catalog of Amiga software and hardware. A good day. Now I have enough VAX equipment to get these running. Just need to pick up a hobbyist's license for VMS and the software.

2001-07-27New Finds
We've recently received an S-100 based Poly-88 system which has only partially been completed with part still in the kit form. I'll be looking for some time to complete the construction of this system.

Also received an Atari Portfolio with 3 extra memory cards and the PC Card reader to transfer data to/from the Portfolio and a PC.

Both of these have been added to the museum.

2001-05-06Updates and new stuff
I updated some of the links and added some new ones in the TRS-80 section. We also added a Color Computer Disk System Quick Reference Guide there.

We picked up several new systems, 3 SWTPC 6800 systems, a Netronics Computer Explorer, 2 TI99/4A PEBs, 3 RCA Cosmac VIPs, and a Commodore Super-PET (on loan). I'm working on pics and other info for them so watch the collection pages.

2001-02-04Updated CP/M Link
Corrected the link to the Unofficial CP/M Web Site in the CP/M section.

2001-01-17Some new items.
Picked up a Platinum model Apple //e today. This should give us one of each model of the Apple II now I believe. Also added another Sega Master System and gun along with a few new Atari 2600 carts.

2000-11-18The Sol shines bright!
After many years of wishing and at least 3 years of really trying, I finally have a Processor Technology Sol 20 Terminal Computer!! This arrived recently along with my first OSI system, a C1P. These are both systems I've been looking for for a long time. If anyone has an S-100 disk controller and drives that I could use with the Sol, please drop me a line. I'm expecting doc on these soon and will be putting some online. In the meantime, check out Jim Battle's great Sol site at He even has an emulator there in case you'd like to play with a Sol but don't have one.

Still cataloging all the TI and Amiga stuff that came in recently. We've added some more updates to our magazine list. Copies of 99'er Home Computer Magazine and The Transactor and an issue or two of other misc magazines have been added to the library. Also updated the TI Library with new books and doc.

2000-11-13400 Pounds!!
That's right, we just rescued around 400 pounds of TI and Amiga hardware, software, doc and magazines!! It will take some time to sort, identify and catalog it but so far we know there is an Amiga 1000 and a TI-99/4A with expansion box in there. Also a large collection of early issues of Amazing Computing and a very nice collection of issues of MICROpendium. We'll update as we catalog everything but in the meantime, we've updated out magazine library with the issues of Amazing Computing and MICROpendium we've done so far.

2000-08-26New Commodore
We've added a Commodore Plus/4 system with original box, power supply and rf hookup after a trip to Austin, TX. Also picked up some misc drives and doc.

2000-07-22Casting another spell.
Picked up another Exidy Sorcerer with MPI printer, BASIC cart, some more doc, newsletters and some misc S-100 boards. Working on scanning more Exidy doc for the site.

2000-07-17New Coleco Adam Items
Picked up a copy of Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom on an Adam Data Pak along with two books, Coleco Adam User's Handbook and Adam's Companion. Could still use a copy of SmartBASIC on Data Pak as the only copy I have on hand is bad. If you can help, drop me an email.

2000-07-16Sorcerer rises from the dead!
Philip M. Scull has sent me a link to a Java based emulator for the Exidy Sorcerer which he has started to develop. It requires a Java enabled browser, but if you'd like to try it out, pop over to our Exidy Sorcerer pages for the link. I tried it out on a very short little program in Exidy BASIC. It was cool!

2000-07-14Some new additions.
We've received an Apple IIgs with a Woz case and an Apple II Video Overlay Card, Transwarp GS, RAMKeeper, drives, monitor and ImageWriter II printer. We can use any doc someone can copy for us on these cards.

Also added several links to the Apple II section, the Atari section, the CP/M section, the PDP-8 section, the Exidy Sorcerer section and started a 6502 section.

2000-06-21New Systems In!
Received 2 DECmates along with an RX02 dual 8" drive unit and a DECLetterPrinter 100 printer. Some doc and software too but I haven't had time to set them up and check them out. Also picked up another base unit for an Apple IIgs, a Mac+ base without keyboard or mouse and a FD501 floppy drive and controller for a T/RS Color Computer. You can check these out along with all the other items in the collection at our World of Discarded Computers.

2000-06-18New Mags Added
Cataloged some more issues of the Tandy Color Computer magazines, The Rainbow and Undercolor. Check the listings in our old magazine list.

2000-05-05New Links
Added some more links to the Atari 8-Bit section. More to come.

2000-04-22New stuff
It's been a bit since the last news update but we've still been busy. We've added 2 more Atari 800s along with 810 drives and tons of docs and software. Also a Coco-3 with drive and tons of software and doc as well. New books on programming in Watfiv and using Wordstar. A bunch of Commodore Pet parts and doc. Another Timex Sinclair 1000 along with some software and extra memory. And another Atari 2600 system, this one in the form of the Sears Tele-Games Video Arcade machine. We also have scanned several new pieces of doc we'll be cleaning up and posting soon so hang in there. We're still here, just busy, busy, busy.

2000-03-08Original Apple II
Rescued an original Apple II along with 2 disk drives, monitor, lots of software and extras.

1999-12-11A few new things

New Additions and Updates

Picked up a TRS-80 Model 1 Monitor/Keyboard combo without PSU and a Mac Radius Color Pivot Monitor. Both without doc so if you have some I can pick up, email me. I've also made a few minor updates to some of the special sections for the different systems. New emulator listings, links, minor stuff like that.

1999-12-04DEC Library Grows

First DECmate items arrive

The first of several shipments containing a complete DECmate system have begun arriving at the Trailing Edge. First to arrive is a box containing doc and software for the DECmate. Included are DECmate Word Processing Quick Lookup Guide, DECmate Owner's Guide, DECmate Word Processing Reference Manual, DECmate Word Processing Using List Processing, Word Processing the Basics (version 2) and a box full of 8" RX02 floppy disks.

The DECmate itself, a printer and RX02 drives are on their way. We'll have more up on this new addition as it arrives.

1999-10-27New Additions

Some New Additions

We've acquired a couple of Z-19 terminals, a Video Tech Laser 50 and a later style Atari 2600. Check out our collection for the entry on the Laser 50. Also made a few minor mods to various pages around the site but nothing major. There are some more additions to the various sections for each of the different systems soon so check back. More docs and such.

1999-10-05The Sorcerer Gains Power!

Exidy Sorcerer site continues to expand!

Al Kossow has contributed PDF versions of the Sorcerer Software Manual and the Sorcerer Technical Manual on the Trailing Edge's Exidy Sorcerer Pages. I hope to be able to provide both HTML and PDF versions of each of the manuals in the future. Thanks Al for helping to document this little known gem on the web!

1999-09-20Linking Things Up

And More New Links

Added a section on the PDP-8. More to come as I sort through my stuff.

1999-09-19More Links

New Links

Added some more links to the Atari 8-bit section and added a TRS-80 section. More to come in these and other areas.

1999-09-06Fine Day Indeed

New Arrivals

We received several new systems today including, an original Commodore PET 2001, XOR S-100 Bus CP/M system, another TI-99/4A (this time in the original box), an Interact, a Bendix Terminal and a Bendix LogicPort. Check out the collection to see these and the other systems which have found new homes here. More to come.

1999-09-05More Exidy Sorcerer Docs

Chapter 9 & 10 Added

I've added Chapter 9 of the Exidy Sorcerer BASIC manual which describes string handling and Chapter 10 on subroutines. Check out the other items in the Exidy section if you've missed them.

1999-09-04Some new arrivals

New members of the family

Not much happening at the moment but do want to welcome some new members to the collection. We've received a new Coleco Adam, Data General AViiON 4625, Kaypro II and a Mac Classic recently. You can check them out with the rest of our collection. As usual, if you have anything for these, especially the AViiON, drop me a line at

I'm in need of help getting the AViiON's internal ethernet configured. If you can help out, please email me.

1999-07-25More Exidy, More Books, New Site

Chapter 13 Up!

Placed Chapter 13 and the first 4 appendixes of the Exidy BASIC manual online. That's the final chapter and just leaves 3 appendixes to do now. I'll have them up soon.

New Books Added

I've received some new books and manuals for the library. Advanced TRS-80 Level II BASIC, Kaypro Microsoft BASIC, and Kaypro MICROPLAN manuals.

Site Backend Reworked

I completely reworked the backend of the site recently. It's been running for over a week now and seems to respond faster than the old system. This new setup will make it easier to add new features to the site. For example, the systems in our collection, can now be sorted by model or company. Go ahead, try it out here.

1999-07-23Exidy Graphics

Exidy Graphics from BASIC explained

Chapter 12 of the Exidy Sorcerer BASIC manual is now online. This is the chapter which explains graphics in Exidy BASIC so have fun!

1999-05-24New Arrivals

Home found for homeless computers.

We've been able to provide a good home for several new/old systems during the past few days. A Timex/Sinclair 2068, Franklin Ace 1200 and a TRS-80 Model 16B have all arrived. Several others should be on their way soon. It's about time to update the photos I guess. Check out the new members in our collection. In addition, we've received a 16K RAM Expansion Module for the Tandy MC-10 and the book, PET/CBM PERSONAL COMPUTER GUIDE to go into the library.

Sorcerer ROMs

Ok, I think I've finally been able to get a clean download of the Exidy Sorcerer ROMs up on the Exidy site. Watch for some exciting news soon.

1999-04-24More Exidy BASIC

Exidy BASIC Manual

Added another chapter to the Exidy Standard BASIC manual. More to come. Also picked up a new Orchestra 90-CC for the TRS-80 Coco and an Asteroids cart for the Atari 800. Some other updates are in the works so check back.

1999-04-05Updated Exidy Sorcerer ROMS!!

Fixed ROMS!

Leslie Ayling pointed out that the original versions of the Exidy Sorcerer ROMS were corrupted and provided corrected versions. You can retrieve corrected roms on the Exidy Sorcerer page. Thanks Leslie!

Check back as we hope to have some more Exidy Sorcerer stuff coming from Leslie.

1999-03-07Back on track

Exidy Doc Updates

Trying out new OCR software so I've begun to catch up on the Exidy Sorcerer manuals. Chapter 11 of the BASIC manual is now up. More to come.

1999-02-25At it again!

Updates Re-Started

Wow, it has been a little while since I've had a chance to process the back log of updates to the site but they are finally starting to show up. We've added a few new members to the small collection here and they'll be up shortly.

Atari, CBM and CP/M Pages

Added several new items to the Trailing Edge's Atari 8-Bit, Commodore and CP/M Pages. More to come.

VCF 3.0

This is something I've been meaning to add for sometime now. If you have any interest in classic systems at all, you really owe it to yourself to check out the Vintige Computer Festival.

1998-12-30Unloved Systems Finds New Home

New Family Members

We've received some new additions to our family of unwanted computer systems, unwanted by others but cared for by us. A TRS-80 Model 4P and a Tandy CM-8 RGB Monitor were both rescued recently. They are both in need of attention after their life in the shelters but you'll be able to see them in the warmth of our collection.
Many of the collection's pages have been updated with new minor additions and acquisions. More to come.

Party Time

In case I don't have an update before then, here is wishing all of you a Happy New Year!! Hope 1999 is one of the best years yet for you and yours!

1998-12-27Back to the past.

Exidy BASIC Saga

Added the next two chapters, 6 and 7, to the Exidy BASIC manual. Streamlined the process on that one so I should be able to do them a little faster now.

OS Ref Addition

OS-9 has joined the list of older operating systems on the OS Quick Ref.

1998-12-26Laid back holidays

Busy Holidays

Haven't updated things much since I've been busy during the Holidays but I have added chapter 5 to the Exidy Sorcerer BASIC manual. Hope to add more shortly. Check it out at

Commodore's Secrets

Added a link in the Commodore 8-bit Section to a really interesting Commodore website titled, Secret Weapons of Commodore. Be sure and check it out and see what might of been.

OS Quick Ref

I've added an Old Operating System Quick Ref for people who find older systems without manuals or just can't seem to remember what that command was. Not many there yet; Apple DOS, Coco DOS, 6809 FLEX, OSI OS-65D; but more are in the works.

1998-11-30The News

What's New Section

I've added this "What's New" section so you can quickly see what has changed at the Trailing Edge. This will be your one stop spot to find out what new info or items have appeared so you won't have to search the entire site to find the latest happenings.

Exidy BASIC manual updated

Chapter 4 of the Standard BASIC for the Sorcerer manual is now on-line. You can check it out and the rest of the slowly growing Exidy site at Other chapters are currently being scanned and should be up soon. After the BASIC manual I plan to add the Sorcerer Technical Manual. Others, such as the Dev PAK manual and the Word Processing PAK manual, are in the queue as well.

New Acquisitions

Some new items to arrive at the Trailing Edge are two Zenith Z-100 series systems. Check them out in the World of Discarded Computers here. The first to receive attention is the Low-Profile Z-110. It has been cleaned up, some rotted foam replaced and its drives reinstalled but its power supply seems bad. If you can help with a replacement or repairs, drop me a line at Next it's on to the All-In-One Z-120.

Library Inventory Continues

I've updated the listing of magazines in the Trailing Edge's library. Added were issues of Nibble, Nibble MAC, SoftSide, Micro, Call-A.P.P.L.E., and a misc section for magazines I only have an issue or two of such as Recreational COMPUTING, MACazine and others. Also added the De Re Atari and Atari Tech Manuals to the Atari library and APEX, including XPL0, manual to the Apple library.

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